Dear Friends, Artists, Parents, Students, our Beloved Community:

As I sit and reflect on these unusual times that we, and the world, are facing together, I am trying to grasp and understand the impact on the wellbeing, lifestyle and businesses created by the global pandemic effects of the COVID-19 virus.

We are moving in unusual times and during these threatening circumstances, our human instincts drive us to focus on our families. I’ve been thinking about my own families, my husband and daughters; the artists; teams; collaborators and audiences that form Miami City Ballet.

Reflecting on what life will be like on the other side of this global pandemic is at the forefront of my mind. What can I do to protect my daughters and what will the new normal be for them?  How can we protect our dancers and when will we be allowed back on stage and do what God meant for us to do on this earth? When can we go back out into our community? How can we deliver the beauty, collectiveness and hope that art and artistry bring, especially in times of need and worry?

Then, as always has been the case, I think of Mr. Balanchine and all he taught us, not just about dance, but about humanity. I’m reminded of his generosity, how he gave away his ballets, masterpieces like Apollo, to other companies for free, because he believed ballets are like food for ballet companies, they need them to survive. How he let us dance his ballets on gigs, or for other companies with no per performance royalties, or licenses of any kind. I was reminded how he even let us wear the company’s costumes, for free on these outside performances. There was no need to rent them or pay for cleaning, that was simply not his way. I remember how generous he was with his time and his information, he would say “come and ask me how to do steps.”   But what I remember most are the things he said, ‘we live in the present…now is the time’… ‘we exist in time and there is no time like the present’.

I don’t know how much further COVID-19 will continue to test us in the weeks and months ahead. What I do know is that if I want to continue to pass down the legacy that was handed down to me by Balanchine — not the artistic aesthetic, but the compassion he instilled in us – then I too must look outward. I too must be generous. And I too must be there for others and be present. If ever there was a time to stay calm, look outward rather than inward, and find the humanity this art form has ingrained in all of us, now is the time. At MCB, we have always strongly believed that dance can change and will transform your life.

We go outward into the community we serve through dance and the arts to unleash the most powerful weapon:  human potential. We will bring the best of who we are and what we do, to continue to help everyone in our communities. We will show that in times of massive upheaval, of insecurity, of darkness, of the unknown, artists and art will rise up to show what courage looks like and what resilience can do. This is what artists do:  They lift us up to bring us closer to humanity…they lift us up to bring us closer to grace.

In the spirit of Balanchine and in the spirit of what everyone at Miami City Ballet believes, we are here in service to you, our community. So amidst these uncertain times, we will persist in our determination to impacting lives through our work with even greater devotion so that we are able to give you something extraordinary to look forward to.

In the coming weeks, we’re planning to continue to bring you performances, events, interviews and classes.   We invite you to join us on Facebook, Instagram and by email. At Miami City Ballet, we are here because of you and now, we are here for you.

God bless you and stay safe,


Read MCB’s full Public Health Update here.

2020/21 Season Update


With our highest priority focused on the health and well-being of our patrons, dancers, staff and audiences, we have made the difficult yet necessary decision that our 2020/21 Season will not go on as planned. In the coming months, MCB will announce a reimagined season featuring unique performances and online premieres.

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