Children’s Division

For boys and girls ages 3-7. No audition required.

Please note that Children’s Division classes are not a part of the graded curriculum at Miami City Ballet School.  Students seeking admission into the Student Division will be re-evaluated by the School faculty and Directors at the end of the year. 

Children’s Division classes introduce the young student to the basic concepts of dance training including beginning steps and terminology, musicality, focus, flexibility and expression. These classes promote group interaction, creativity, body awareness and classroom etiquette.

Advancement from level to level is based on annual evaluations of the individual student’s technical ability, physical aptitude, strength, classroom effort and attendance.

Each school year runs from September through May. Classes are held at MCB Studios in Miami Beach.

Parents and family members are invited to observe their children in class during Parent Observation Weeks.

At the end of the school year, students participate in the Children’s Performance to highlight their accomplishments throughout the year and gain valuable stage experience. Performances are held at the Lynn & Louis Wolfson, II Theatre at MCB Studios.

Registration is open for the 2016-2017 school year.

Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet
Creative Movement for 3 year olds, and Pre-Ballet for 4 year olds, introduces children to the overall classroom structure, etiquette and discipline of preparatory ballet.  Children meet once a week for 45 minutes where focus, following directions and movement exercises are emphasized to help children improve balance, body awareness and coordination. These classes will begin to foster the love of dance in your little one.

Ballet Preparatory I
Ballet Preparatory I is for 5 year olds and meets once a week for 45 minutes.  This class builds upon the Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet experience by repeating some familiar exercises at a faster tempo and introducing new ones with a greater emphasis on posture, flexibility and strength. The preparatory ballet movements of plié, elevé and tendu in a parallel position are introduced and children begin to move by themselves and together as group in more across-the-floor exercises.

Ballet Preparatory II
Ballet Preparatory II is for 6 year olds and meets once a week for 1 hour, with the option to enroll in two classes per week.  The class continues to build upon Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet and Ballet Preparatory I where strength, flexibility, posture and coordination are highly emphasized.  Children utilize a Theraband to facilitate stretching and strengthening of the ankles and feet.  Some basic ballet positons are taught as a preparation for the Level I MCBS Syllabus. Children are introduced to working at the ballet barre during the second half of the year.

Ballet Preparatory III
Ballet Preparatory III is for 7 year olds and meets twice a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes. This class continues to lay the foundation of classical ballet training and prepares the students for the more demanding requirements of the MCB School syllabus.