MCB School provides scholarships in the form of housing and tuition to talented students who exhibit financial hardship. Help us meet the needs of our dedicated students as they pursue their dreams.

  • $25 buys a leotard and tights for a young ballerina on scholarship
  • $50 buys ballet slippers for three students
  • $75 buys a session of physical therapy
  • $100 buys a pair of pointe shoes
  • $250 Cost for a male pre-professional uniform for 1 school year
  • $1,250 Cost for 1 month of housing and meals
  • $2,500 Cost for 5 female pre-professional uniforms for 1 year
  • $10,000 Cost for 1 Scholarship
  • $12,500 Cost for 125 pairs of pointe shoes
  • $25,000 Cost for 500 hours of class with a live pianist

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