With Mike Piazza, Miami City Ballet Jazzes Up Its Step

The Miami City Ballet Company (MCB) will close its 2012-2013 season this weekend at the Arsht Center with Broadway and Ballet, a valentine to Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine. No surprise there, since the MCB has been acclaimed far and wide for its devotion to the masters, especially Balanchine. What makes this program so delicious is the unpredictable pairing of the works as well as the works themselves.

Mike Piazza Readies For Ballet Debut

Inside a studio at the Miami City Ballet, dancers rehearsed for a performance of the George Balanchine classic ‘Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.’ At one side of the room waifish ballerinas warmed up, while on the other side of the room 12-time major league All-Star Mike Piazza waited for cue. Piazza will make his ballet debut in a cameo performance for the production on May 3. ‘What do you know about George Balanchine?’ I asked. ‘Ahhh, George Balanchine

Miami City Ballet And Trey Mcintyre Project Bring A Weekend Of Dance To Broward

In a single weekend, we will be able to see two of this country’s reputable dance companies, both selecting ballets made in the United States and in a variety of American styles, in one Broward setting.The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is offering a ticket deal — $99 to see both companies on two separate days. And, like many things American, each of the five ballets delivers a distinctive taste, influenced by a worldly palette. The red hot contemporary Trey McIntyre Project (TMP) will perform three of McIntyre’s ballets, flavored by traditional Basque dancing, Shakespeare and more, Friday and Saturday at the Center’s Amaturo Theater. South Florida’s Miami City Ballet will present repertory of George Balanchine, founder of the New York City Ballet, and Jerome Robbins, best known for his Broadway choreography, Friday through Sunday at the Au-Rene Theater….read more

From Toe To Tap, Philip Neal Shows Miami City Ballet How To Be Broadway Hoofers

Here’s the challenge: Teach Miami City Ballet’s classical dancers how to tap-dance like a Broadway hoofer. Here’s the solution: Bring in Palm Beach’s Philip Neal. The former principal dancer at the New York City Ballet is not only Miami City Ballet’s Palm Beach liaison, but also the repetiteur for George Balanchine’s Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, the major showpiece of this weekend’sProgram IV: Broadway and Ballet at the Broward Center…read more

Mike Piazza Right At Home With Miami City Ballet

OK, wiseguy, we know what you’re thinking: ‘Mike Piazza performing with Miami City Ballet? Well, so much for the rumors that he’s gay!’ Har-dee-har-har.But while you’re laughing about it, know that Piazza is laughing, too. The baseball great has heard all of your jokes and then some from friends and former teammates. As he points out in his new autobiography, ‘Long Shot’ (Simon & Schuster), he’s comfortable with who he is.Standing in the middle of a bright, mirrored rehearsal space at the Miami City Ballet Studio on Miami Beach last week, Piazza exudes a sunny, affable, relaxed disposition that contradicts the moody rep he had as a ballplayer. He’s clearly having fun with this curious return to the spotlight…read more

New Works Receive Admirable Sendoff By New World Symphony

The New World Symphony’s second annual multi-media cornucopia of new music, dance, film and poetry on Saturday night drew a full house of culturally adventurous South Beach hipsters. Utilizing the full audio and visual resources of the New World Center, the program was a festive celebration of artistic creativity, the music and production values maintaining a consistently high standard.Ian Dicke’s O Bury Me Not, a NWS commission, is a funky mashup that fuses a 1939 field recording by Texas singer Frank Goodwyn of the western folk standard O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie with rumbling commentary from bass trombone and seven-piece ensemble. Low string murmurs accompany the initial recording before the solo instrument roars through the instrumental fabric, seizing the spotlight along with insistent mallet percussion…read more

Persistence Pays Off For New Miami City Ballet Dancer Christina Spigner

Christina Spigner starts her day feasting on egg whites and oatmeal. Then, she prepares her meal for her time away from her Miami Beach apartment: generally, a turkey sandwich, green salad, protein shakes and dried fruit. Before walking the 1½ blocks to Miami City Ballet studios, she takes time out for a daily devotional spiritual moment.That routine keeps her grounded day after day as she pushes her body to become the best…read more