New Dance and Art Spring Camp!

We are excited to partner with the Bass Museum of Art for the first Dance & Art Spring Camp. Students can enjoy the best of both institutions starting their day at our studios and migrating to The Bass in the afternoon.

The Dance & Art Spring Camp begins March 25th – 29th, 2019. There are 5 Daily Sessions for Children Ages (6-8). The students will arrive at Miami City Ballet School and end the day at The Bass.

Times: 9:00am – 3:30pm


$60 per day
Miami City Ballet School Students & The Bass Members (family/dual or above): $50 per day

*If your child is a student, please contact Lisa Quinn at 786.477.6003 or for a discount code.

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Daily Sessions Schedule

Monday, March 25:

(9:00- 10:00a): Stretch: Students will learn how to properly warm up and prepare their bodies for dance class. They will partake in exercises that promote flexibility, alignment, balance, and strength.

(10:00- 11:30a): Hip Hop: Students will learn movement based on street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music which has evolved as part of hip hop culture.

(12:30-3:30p): Street Art: Students will learn about the different types of street art and artists and will develop a largescale painting in the style of underground art.

Tuesday, March 26:

(9:00- 10:00a): Yoga: In this class students will learn physical postures, focus on mindfulness and connect breath with movement.

(10:00- 11:30a): Contemporary: Explore this cross-disciplinary style of dance that draws from elements of ballet, modern and jazz. This versatile style

(12:30-3:30p): Drawing- In- Motion: Practice your drawing skills, and learn how to create visual effects to help make your illustrations move!

Wednesday, March 27:

(9:00- 10:00a): Ballet: Students will be introduced to the exercises and steps of classical ballet with an emphasis on terminology and correct body alignment. They will gain an aesthetic awareness of the art of classical ballet.

(10:00- 11:30a): Repertory: In this class students will have the opportunity to learn steps and choreography.

(12:30-3:30p): Costume Design: Get a behind the scenes look at how costumes are produced and create your unique accessories to wear while you dance!

Thursday, March 28:

(9:00- 10:00a): Creative Movement: This class allows students to explore movement through music, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Creative Movement uses body actions to communicate and portray images, ideas and/or feelings.

(10:00- 11:30a): Improvisation: Students will expand their range of movement, body awareness, and creative expression and will explore their relationship to self, others, the environment, and space.

(12:30-3:30p): Dance Painting: Using dance as the inspiration for art making, create a one-of-a kind, large scale multimedia artwork.

Friday, March 29:

(9:00- 10:00a): Pantomime: In this class students will learn the art of storytelling through movement. They will learn gestures, and expressive movements to communicate messages to audiences.

(10:00- 11:30a): Repertory: Students will have the opportunity to learn steps and choreography.

(12:30-3:30p): Scenography (Set Design): get inspired by the story behind the dance, and make 3D maquettes of an original dance production, created by YOU!



Partnership with The Bass Museum of Art