Renan Cerdeiro: 25 To Watch

Renan CerdeiroCorps de ballet, Miami City BalletChosen by former MCB principal soloist and So You Think You Can Dance contestant Alex Wong, a 2010 25 to WatchHis biggest first role was the Green Boy in Dances at a Gathering by Jerome Robbins. He was 17 then. This was actually really early last season, and I remember him being like, I can’t do this. I don’t know why they’re giving me this. I was like, No, you really can do it. I remember him practicing over and over again, and he wasn’t really ready in his partnering. And he ended up doing it really, really well.I think he’ll become one of the main dancers. He’s so versatile that they can put him into anything. He’s got a classical line and he’s got great features, so when you watch him you’re like, Oh wow, that’s a prince. He’s very regal. And then when you see him do something more contemporary, more modern, he’s got that spunk as well,he’s got that quick movement, that fire.He’s a young, growing talent and it’s a gift to be able to see that.See Renan perform with Miami City Ballet in Florida this month.