Booksmart Ballerina: Kew Gardens’ Jennifer Kronenberg Pens Book

An evening at the ballet is a fascinating event; the lights go dim, the harmonious sound of the orchestra fills the theater, and the plush velvet curtain slowly rises on what seems to be a magical scene…, writes stunning prima ballerina, Jennifer Kronenberg, in her new book for aspiring dancers, So, You Want To Be A Ballet Dancer. A sea of beautiful, porcelain-perfect ballerinas whirl and twirl…skimming effortlessly across the stage, changing seamlessly from one formation to another. It can be almost hypnotizing, the way they move through space to the music, in unison, as smooth and lovely as a beautiful dream.The Kindle Edition of So, You want To Be A Ballet Dancer was released on May 1 on It contains chock-full of tips and advice for aspiring dancers and their parents, and includes a personal account of the ballerina’s rocky journey to fame.