Our summer in one sentence

The dancers have officially been back for one week! Now that the summer layoff is over, some of them share a one-liner about their time off.

“I cleared my mind.” –Bradley Dunlap

“I helped set Swan Lake on the Summer Program’s Advanced Two dancers.” –Rebecca King

“I traveled to NYC, Canada, and lastly Los Angeles where I went to go see/support former MCB dancer, Alex Wong, on So You Think You Can Dance!” –Cindy Huang

“I married my best friend.” –Callie Manning

“I taught for the MCB Summer Intensive.” –Jennifer Kronenberg

“I taught at the Miami City Ballet School Summer Intensive and rested in Miami with family and friends!” –Patricia Delgado

“I spent time with my family up north and celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday!” –Ashley Knox

“This summer I ate tons of lobster and enjoyed being home in Maine with my family!” –Sara Esty

“I began studying to get a Florida real estate license.” –Carlos Guerra

“This summer I ‘staycationed’ here in Miami and taught inspiring little ballerinas at the MCB summer course!” –Jeanette Delgado

“I celebrated my one year anniversary with my husband this summer!” – Jennifer Lauren

“I spent my summer becoming familiarized with the subway lines running in and out of Brooklyn.” –Zoe Zien

“This summer I danced in Miami and Seattle, and went home to Southern California to visit my family.” – Chase Swatosh

“I went to Italy and Switzerland and had the best food and wine!!” –Tricia Albertson

“This summer I became the ambassador for the non-profit organization called Stop Child Trafficking Now, and organized a walkathon for October 2, 2010 on South Pointe Park! Come out and walk to raise awareness and put an end to child sex trafficking!” –Amanda Weingarten

“I went to Europe… and Dollywood!” –Michael Breeden

“This summer I spent my layoff with my wonderful family and friends at home in St. Petersburg, FL.” -Nicole Stalker

“Over the summer, I followed a deer into the woods and found a rare white deer to photograph as well!!! It was AWESOME!” –Leigh-Ann Esty

Sisters, and principal dancers, Patricia and Jeanette Delgado vacation together in Acapulco!