Meet The Nutcracker Kids

Post by Crista Villella, Ballet Mistress

The Nutcracker Intensive rehearsal week has come and gone, and I am happy to report that the kids know all of the choreography and proper rehearsal behavior. Every year they get better and better! My angels are close to perfect and my soldiers can count the music, which is really difficult to do. I couldn’t be more impressed! Diana, one of the Marie’s, just came from Cuba and doesn’t understand English. I don’t speak Spanish, but amazingly we communicate quite well despite the language barrier and she is doing great work. Mariana, the other Marie, knows every part in The Nutcracker. She may just have to take over my job one day! The two Fritz’s are best friends and they are so funny. As sweet as they are, they are always testing to see how much I will let them get away with. They certainly have the gift of charm. The best part of my day is when I see the little ones in the hallway and they light up and say, “Miss Crista!” as they run to give me a hug. What could be sweeter? I have a pretty cool job.