Bring a little Miami City Ballet music into your home.

The MCB family have compiled a playlist of favorite chilled out songs to relax to, and it’s a diverse mix from jazz to RnB to alternative… Enjoy! 

Listen now or add the playlist on Spotify here.

Jennifer Lauren, Principal
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out album is one of the best jazz albums! 

Lauren Fadeley, Principal Soloist
Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley – his voice and guitar in this rendition always makes me happy, especially since it was my wedding song to MCBS faculty member Francis Veyette!

Samantha Galler, Soloist
La Belle Fleur by Lord Huron. I love Lord Huron, so chill and mellow. 

Adrienne Carter, Corps de Ballet
I love Movie by Tom Misch, but also anything by Tom Misch! His music is great and his voice is very soothing.

Maddie Goodman, Corps de Ballet
Bohemian Rhapsody by Angelina Jordan – It’s such a unique cover that always makes me relax and just puts a smile on my face.

Anna Grunewald, Corps de Ballet
The Curse by Josh Ritter – any of Josh Ritter’s songs put me in good mood and gets me into a calmer state of mind.

Ben Lepson, Corps de Ballet
Homebody by Shoffy. The perfect song to sit back, relax and enjoy some simple acoustics 🙂

Luiz Silva, Corps de Ballet
Águas de março by Tom Jobim – Brazilian music at it’s finest, so peaceful, and yet always gets me going.


Songs recommended by MCB dancers and staff including Joy Stanfield, Marisa Rios-Lopez, Kelsey Irl, Isabel Von der Muhll, Stephanie Zappala.

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