World Premiere: A Dance For Heroes

Inspired by and dedicated to first responders and essential workers.

A Dance For Heroes
Premiered on Miami City Ballet’s Facebook Page
Friday, May 8 at 8pm

A Dance For Heroes is a new work commissioned by Artistic Director Lourdes Lopez, by choreographer Durante Verzola inspired by and dedicated to the first responders and essential workers that have worked with uncompromising courage and grace throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full of love and vitality, Durante’s work is an expression of the generosity and bravery of all of our essential workers during this time.

This inspiring work was created digitally, learning choreography remotely and filmed separately at our MCB studio with two MCB Principal Dancers, Jennifer Lauren and Renan Cerdeiro, and two MCB School Pre-professional dancers Taylor Naturkas and Erick Rojas. It is set to Flemish/Belgian composer Wim Mertens’ uplifting song, “Often a Bird.”

“We have watched in awe, as our first responders, nurses, doctors, fire rescue departments, mail carriers, grocery store clerks, janitors, and countless essential workers perform incredible acts of courage. They have shown us what grace, bravery and dedication truly look like. We want to honor them and to thank them for all they are doing. Dance, at its core, is a celebration of life, vitality, resiliency and beauty of the human spirit. This is our way to celebrate and acknowledge the very community members that have supported us throughout the years. All of us at MCB are here for them just as they have been here for us.”Lourdes Lopez, Artistic Director

Durante trained at and graduated from MCB School and also been commissioned to create a new work as part of our upcoming 35th anniversary Ablaze program.


Durante Verzola
Wim Mertens
Jennifer Lauren
Renan Cerdeiro
Taylor Naturkas
Erick Rojas

Photo credit: Renan Cerdeiro in A Dance for Heroes. Choreography by Durante Verzola. Photo and Video © Alexander Iziliaev.



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