Jennifer Kronenberg in Pointe Magazine’s “Teaching With The Stars”

Jennifer Kronenberg was interviewed for the August/September issue of Pointe Magazine about stepping off the stage and into a teaching role.

“I’ve always liked deciphering and explaining things. When I get an idea across to my students, I’m amazed at how much clearer it becomes in my own mind.” – Jennifer Kronenberg


Premiering Romeo and Juliet

Post by Principal Dancer Jennifer Kronenberg

What a great honor it was to dance the role of ‘Juliet’ for MCB’s premiere of the historic ballet Romeo and Juliet, and for our silver anniversary – celebrating the company’s great accomplishments over the last twenty five years. I have not felt such excitement and sheer anticipation at the idea of a performance in a very long time. It seemed like the buzz was everywhere, not only between dancers and staff, but out on the street as well. The public was amazingly enthusiastic over us dancing Romeo and Juliet; anxious even, which of course only added to my own exhilaration!

For weeks I dreamt of opening night. My expectations were very high, and I couldn’t wait to get on stage and dance. When the moment finally arrived I was ridiculously emotional. I was nervous, giddy, excited, and so sad to think that in three short hours, before I even knew what hit me, it would all come to an end.

Would performing this iconic ballet be all that I had expected? Could I really do it justice? I had built it up so much in my mind, though I tried my hardest not to. Would the audience appreciate how much I love and respect the role of ‘Juliet’? Could they understand how much hard work went into preparing for it, how special this all was to me? Did that even really matter?  I hadn’t thought so, but I suddenly found myself worrying about it. So many thoughts were going through my head and I wanted to run away from them.

My first couple of entrances went by like a whirlwind. I yearned to feel something magical, yet it was all moving so fast, and not as smoothly as I had hoped. There were traffic issues backstage, costume changes weren’t going smoothly, and I was sweating all of my makeup off… What happened to the fairytale that I had dreamed about? So far I was way too connected to harsh reality.

But before I could get too disappointed, things changed. In the ball scene, when Carlos’ eyes met mine for the first time, everything slowed down. Time stood still in just that instant, and I felt an overwhelming calm come over me. This was it! This was the feeling that I had been waiting for – the high that I feared would get drowned out by adrenaline and frenzy, and escape me in the performance. I felt overwhelmingly relieved at seeing my Romeo. In that moment, I knew that nothing else mattered. We were in the midst of achieving something great, and infinitely special. I knew it was a performance that I’d remember and treasure always, and one that never had to be, nor could be replicated. I decided in that instant to commit myself to enjoying the ride for as long as it would last.

We’ve danced a number of “R&J’s” since opening weekend, and no two have been exactly alike. I’ve been trying to appreciate how unique and distinctly different each one is from the last. I am so happy, and eternally grateful, to have been given the opportunity to dance ‘Juliet’, and I hope that I’ll be able to grow and evolve with each performance to come.

Photos © Kyle Froman

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011! It’s a new year and a fresh start! The first few days of the year is about the time when most of us are starting on our New Year’s resolutions…and the MCB dancers are no different. Principal dancer Jennifer Kronenberg ventured into the theater with the Flip camera to find out what the rest of the dancers’ New Year’s resolutions are!

Happy New Year! And good luck with those resolutions!

Meet the Dancers – Jennifer Kronenberg

As the Siren in Prodigal Son. Choreography by George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust.

With my husband Carlos Guerra

Jennifer’s summer update

Post by Principal Dancer Jennifer Kronenberg

A typical layoff period for MCB dancers can range anywhere between two to three months depending on the season. Though it’s wonderful to have a lengthy vacation after a hard season, it can be difficult to go so long without dancing…and income. Carlos and I typically try to find guest dancing or teaching work during some of our time off, not only to provide for ourselves financially but to keep ourselves busy and in shape.

This year, instead of the long three months off that we had last season, we were lucky enough to have just six weeks between last season’s end and the start of rehearsals for the upcoming season. Carlos and I did dance for the first few weeks, rehearsing for two performances we were invited to participate in at the Virginia School of the Arts for their 25th Anniversary Gala. After that we decided that we needed a break and headed off to the Dominican Republic.

Some may find it strange that we enjoy vacationing in tropical places when we live here in Miami and are at an arm’s length from the beach every day. The fact is though, that we just don’t have the time to take advantage of it…and can never really relax when we’re so close to home; there is always something to do or take care of! So, we ran away to hide…from friends, family, commitments…from life itself, and it was AMAZING!

We had such a fantastic time on our honeymoon four years ago, that it set the standards pretty high for us as far as vacations go. I never really expect to have as great a time as we did then…but this time I was pleasantly surprised. This resort was not nearly as fancy, we didn’t venture out on any excursions, and we didn’t have the “butterfly” tummies of newlyweds, but we simply forgot about the universe and enjoyed each other’s company.

Every day began with a trip to the gym (to work off all of the food we ate!). We then spent the rest of each morning and afternoon lounging on the beach — talking, laughing, sleeping…whatever. It was so nice to be stress free, with no agendas to keep to, no schedules to follow. We shared a terrific couple’s spa treatment one day…massage, rose petal Jacuzzi, champagne, the works! We just talked and talked, and I was reminded how very much in love I am with the man I married. We spend so much time together day after day in the studio that sometimes I forget what he’s like as Carlos the person, separate from Carlos the dancer. Well, this summer I remembered, and I’m so glad that I did. He’s definitely my Romeo…dancing or not.

The missing link

Post by Principal Dancer Jennifer Kronenberg

I can only imagine how very excited our patrons and audience members were to learn that Miami City Ballet has been awarded a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (as part of its Knight Arts Challenge) that will allow us to perform with orchestral accompaniment for the next three seasons. But they should know how thrilling this news is for me and the other dancers as well! The elated feeling that most dancers get when performing to live music is almost indescribable. For as much as it enhances a performance from an audience member’s perspective, the experience that it gives performers is immeasurable. It truly brings the ballet to life…it is the last piece of the puzzle…the missing link that adds a fourth dimension to the performance for everyone.

Dancing to live music really keeps us “on our toes,” so to speak. We are forced to be completely present, aware and “in” the moment at all times; listening carefully for any changes in tempi. We are not at all permitted to function on “automatic,” as we sometimes do subconsciously, simply dancing to a recording that we rehearse to everyday. We adore the challenge presented when with an orchestra — we are forced to dance with the music-as one would dance with a partner. It certainly makes our performing experience all the more alive and enjoyable. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to connect with and really feel the music that is accompanying me. It is a great partnership that exists between the musicians, the conductor, and the dancers, providing a uniquely whole and fulfilling performance for everyone. Having an orchestra for our upcoming seasons will be a gift for all of the dancers, as well as for the audience, and I, for one, am glad that we’re being given our missing link back!

Jennifer Kronenberg in La Sonnambula. Choreography by George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust. Photo © Joe Gato.

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In honor of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday and love is in the air! It’s amazing how many people have been hit by Cupid’s arrow here at Miami City Ballet. All this week, we will be paying homage to the Company love birds in our MCB Love Series.

Check in each day for video interviews with some of the couples in the Company — Haiyan Wu and Yang Zou, Jennifer Kronenberg and Carlos Guerra, Leigh-Ann Esty and Bradley Dunlap, Callie Manning and Didier Bramaz, and Edward and Linda Villella! We’ll also be posting pictures of dancers who are married to or dating someone they’ve met at MCB.

To kick off our Love Series, here are Jennifer and Carlos! Watch as they talk about their lives together and play a little game to see how well they really know each other.

The Cover Girl Experience

You’ve seen Jennifer Kronenberg on the cover of Dance Magazine. Now hear what she has to say about the experience! Jennifer, who’s been dancing since she was seven, has dreamed about this all her life.

Come watch our cover girl perform this weekend at Adrienne Arsht Center.

Jennifer poses for SoBe Fit Magazine

The studios were empty on Monday in observance of Columbus Day. But one ballerina was geared up in rehearsal attire and ready to have her picture taken. Jennifer Kronenberg, MCB Principal Dancer, was photographed for an upcoming feature in the January/February issue of SoBe Fit Magazine. The story will feature Jennifer’s health and fitness habits. Find it on newsstands in December. Make sure you get your copy!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos and a sneak peek at what you’ll see in the magazine.