A Creative Exchange of Music and Dance

After visiting a rehearsal at Miami City Ballet studios, New World Symphony (NWS) fellows began meeting regularly with a group of our dancers to examine the relationship between sound and movement, resulting in a creative exchange between the talented young artists. Corps de ballet dancer Michael Breeden explains how this organic relationship will materialize onstage in the very near future!

Michael Breeden

Michael Breeden

Miami City Ballet and New World Symphony have long been the two pillars of Miami’s arts world, attracting acclaim from audiences and critics alike. The dancers and musicians work in the same neighborhood, frequent each other’s performances, and have always expressed how wonderful it would be to work together. After decades as South Florida’s premier arts organizations, it is with great excitement that we prepare for our first full-evening performance together on March 18th — a creative exchange between the dancers of Miami City Ballet and the fellows of New World Symphony.

The two organizations agreed that New World Symphony’s free Inside the Music program would be an ideal outlet for featuring the creativity of the dancers and the musicians. Soon, a small group of artists from each organization were brainstorming on programming, the evening’s format, and the myriad other decisions that go into bringing an evening of music and dance to life. The musicians suggested works they wanted to play, dancers stepped up to choreograph, and we began to work feverishly at putting together a performance almost entirely in our spare time.

photo 2

Adriana Pierce and Leigh-Ann Esty work on a rehearsal schedule for the dancers and musicians.

Adriana Pierce and Leigh-Ann Esty work on a rehearsal schedule for the dancers and musicians.

Even though both the musicians and dancers are extremely busy with their individual seasons, an opportunity like this simply couldn’t be passed up. As the performance date approaches and the final touches come together, the excitement among the dancers is palpable. This is an event Miami arts lovers will not want to miss, as well as the beginning of a long and fruitful artistic relationship!


NWS fellows sitting in on company class.

NWS fellows sitting in on company class.

Inside the Music on March 18 will feature nearly 30 of our dancers, seven of whom — Renan Cerdeiro, Leigh-Ann Esty, Sara Esty, Adriana Pierce, Ariel Rose, Eric Trope and Zoe Zien — will debut original choreography created specifically for the event! More details and information on the performance here!

Meet our new dancers!

This week, we would like to introduce you to another new face — corps de ballet dancer Eric Trope. Look out for him onstage this season, or according to one of his self-proclaimed indulgences, at a late night karaoke bar singing his heart out:-0

Eric Trope

MCB: Where are you from?

Eric: Poolesville, MD.

MCB: At which dance schools did you train before coming to MCB?

Eric: I trained at Maryland Youth Ballet and School of American Ballet.

MCB: What companies have you danced with professionally?

Eric: Pennsylvania Ballet.

Eric rehearsing Matthew Neenan's 'At Various Points' with Pennsylvania Ballet.

MCB: Describe your perfect day.

Eric: On my perfect day, I’m surrounded by my siblings (all five of them)  in Massachusetts where we used to spend our summers as kids and we’re probably fighting about where we should eat lunch.

MCB: Proudest moment?

Eric: One of my proudest moments was surviving working on a llama and alpaca farm with my sister in Alaska last summer. In terms of my career, getting to be involved and choreograph for Pennsylvania Ballet’s Shut Up and Dance for the past four years. The show raises money for MANNA,  whose mission is to provide meals empowering individuals to battle illness and improve their quality of life.

Llama or alpaca? Eric in Alaska over the summer.

MCB: Wildest dream?

Eric: In my wildest dream, I’m starring in an all male version of Les Miserables alongside Niel Patrick Harris and John Hamm, with every song in falsetto.

MCB: Indulgence?

Eric: Late night karaoke to Counting Crows.

MCB: Inspiration?

Eric: My biggest inspiration would be my father for the way he lives his life unselfishly and modestly.

MCB: Name one thing you couldn’t live without.

Eric: Fiona Apple and Avocados.

MCB: Most unforgettable onstage moment?

Eric: My last year in SAB’s workshop, I accidentally wore the lead’s costume for the male regiment of Stars and Stripes when alas I was only in the corps.

MCB: Dream role?

Eric: Phlegmatic in The Four Temperaments, The Statics Pas in N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz, Apollo, Tony in West Side Story Suite, Prodigal Son, Fancy Free, Brown Boy in Dances at a Gathering.

MCB: Why Miami City Ballet?

Eric: I am already so inspired by my fellow dancers and their passion for what they do.  I am very excited to be able to dance the company’s expansive repertory as well as explore the diverse culture of Miami.

Hiking in The Samaria Gorge in Crete.

See Eric Trope onstage when our 2013-2014 Season opens at the Arsht Center in October!