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Ricardo Amarante
In Conversation with

Ricardo Amarante

We spoke to choreographer Ricardo Amarante (pictured) about his background and the creative process behind his new work, Delight.

Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you begin dancing?
I’m from a small town in Brazil called Pirrasununga. I began dancing because I saw my friends performing on stage, and was very impressed by the enthusiastic response of the public. The combination of beautiful movements, emotions, and excitement of the audience is what gave me the push to start learning and to become a dancer.

Is there a specific moment that shaped your career as an artist?
I was very lucky to work in three very amazing ballet companies that shaped my career as an artist. The first company was Jeune Ballet de France (Youth Ballet of France). It was a young company with very talented dancers from all over the world. We experienced working with many different choreographers, styles, and traveled internationally, which made me very excited about the future of my career. I then worked with the Paris Opera Ballet, which showed me the excellence of ballet. Working with world-renowned artists in one of the finest houses in the world made me feel very accomplished. I then moved to the Royal Ballet of Flanders, where I was exposed to many masters of choreography like Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe, and Marcia Haydee. Here, I was given the opportunity to learn and develop my passion to be not only a good dancer, but also a great choreographer.

As a choreographer, how do you approach the process of creating new work?
With every piece there is a different process, but typically, I start with music and a theme behind it. Fueled by emotion, I then approach the steps in the studio, trying to bring out the feeling behind the meaning of the choreography. I aim to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere, making the dance and the process as organic as possible. For me, the recipe for creating a great piece is beautiful music with a strong and powerful theme, filled with emotions, and very flowing movement that feels natural to the body.

Tell us a bit about your new work. What is your inspiration behind the piece?
The art of dance is an evocative expression of the human spirit, allowing one to transcend the boundaries of the mundane and revel in the blissful exaltation of the sublime. To witness a dancer performing their craft with their whole being is to be transported to a realm of infinite wonder, where the interplay of movement, music, and light creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable spectacle that both captivates and inspires. At the heart of this artistic form is a profound connection to the divine, a manifestation of the universal desire to express the deepest aspects of the soul through the grace and beauty of the physical body. The joy, pleasure, and delight that emanate from such an experience are nothing less than an affirmation of the human capacity for greatness, and a reminder of the enduring power of art to transform and uplift the human spirit.

What do you hope the audience takes away?
I want the audience to feel delighted, to leave the theatre feeling mesmerized by the beauty they just witnessed, and to reach this connection to the divine. I desire for them to feel happy, to feel their spirits are lifted, that their mood is elevated, and that they are grateful for their experience at the ballet.

What most excites you about bringing your new work to Miami City Ballet?
I’m most excited to work with the incredibly strong dancers of MCB. I can’t wait to explore movement together at a high-quality level, and push them to their maximum physicality. It will for sure be a delight for the dancers, the audience, and me.

See the World Premiere of Ricardo Amarante’s Delight Mar 8 – 24, in Miami and West Palm Beach.