• Spring Mix

Spring Mix

Mar 8 – 24, 2024

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The great works of Balanchine continue as a through-line for the season into the spring, paired with choreographers who were later influenced by his mastery of the form.



George Balanchine’s Agon is a tour de force set to a groundbreaking Stravinsky score that features twelve dancers creating mesmerizing movement as they come together in pairs, trios, and quartets.

George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust
Igor Stravinsky


Following the Subtle Current Upstream*

Described by choreographer Alonzo King as “a piece about how to return to joy,” Following the Subtle Current Upstream mirrors life’s boisterous waves and reminds us that everything in nature seeks to return to its source.

The music for the piece is a collection of compelling beats and sounds with origins in India and Africa, making this new work a not-to-be-missed sensation for the senses.

Alonzo King
Zakir Hussain, Frasconi, Makeba


Delight (World Premiere)

Known for creating impassioned works that capture applause from international audiences and critics alike, Brazilian-born choreographer delivers the fiery passion of tomorrow’s dance world in a thrilling delight.

Ricardo Amarante
Johann Sebastian Bach


*Company Premiere