• A Pop-Up Performance Series

    To Florida, With Love

To Florida, With Love

A series of short pop-up performances around South Florida 
Various dates: March – May 2022

Back by popular demand, Miami City Ballet is once again popping up in a neighborhood near you with a new pop-up series – To Florida, With Love.

Previously known as To Miami, With Love, this series of pop-up performances is inspired by and performed for our community. It is a celebration of the diverse neighborhoods and people that make South Florida a culturally rich, global destination.

Ten of Miami City Ballet’s world-class dancers have choreographed 11 works that not only celebrate our South Florida home but also take us on a multitude of social, cultural and personal journeys that reflect the human condition.

Watch sneak peeks on our Instagram and Facebook, and get ready to join us at some of our community’s most unique locations.



Upcoming Dates and Locations


Past Events

Thursday, May 19, 6pm
Approx 56 mins
Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach, Culture Crawl
To Florida, With Love closes near its home studios during Miami Beach’s final Culture Crawl of the season. Culture Crawl begins at 6pm, performance at 6:30pm. Learn more about Miami Beach’s Culture Crawl’s here. BYO chairs are recommended. (Free)

Click here to see the casting sheet.

With support from the City of Miami Beach Department of Tourism and Culture, Cultural Arts Council, and the Miami Beach Mayor and City Commissioners.

Sunday, April 10, 1:00pm
Approx 1 hour + 20 min Q&A
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach
Enjoy a performance with the backdrop of Morikami’s stunning gardens. Ariel Rose’s Meiyo No Tame headlines this performance followed by a Q&A with Ariel and dancers. (Free with the price of admission)

Click below to view casting sheets:
April 10, 1:00pm
April 10, 2:00pm

Saturday, April 9, 4:00pm
Approx 1 hour + 20 min Q&A
African American Research Library and Cultural Center, Fort Lauderdale
Luiz Silva’s In Perpetuity headlines this performance followed by a Q&A with Luiz and dancers. This event is outdoors. BYO chairs are recommended. (FREE with advance registration)

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April 9, 4:00pm
April 9, 5:00pm

Sunday, March 6, 4pm
Approx 11 min performance + 20 min post Q&A
The Underline Brickell Backyard Soundstage, Miami
To Florida, With Love commences with a return to Miami’s urban oasis. Performance followed by Q&A with the choreographer and dancers. (Free with advance registration)

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About the Works

TANG by Alaina Andersen

Choreographer: Alaina Andersen
Music: Braden Andersen
Dancers: Franciso Shilereff, Jordan Martinez
Music: Braden Andersen
Duration: 4 minutes, 9 seconds

Fresh. Youthful. Innovative. This exciting work premiered at last year’s pop-ups To Miami, With Love and was inspired by the experimental landscape of the Miami Design District. The work is set to a synthesized instrumental piece and was Alaina’s first choreographic work, which was met with much acclaim.

Read more about Alaina Andersen here.

AUXILIUM by Cameron Catazaro

Choreographer: Cameron Catazaro
Music:Serenade for Strings in E major op.22, Larghetto by Antonin Dvorak
Dancers: Luiz Silva, Julian Goodwin-Ferris, Anna Grunewald, Mayumi Enokibara
Duration: 6 minutes 14 seconds  

Auxilium (latin for support) explores themes of dependency, leaning on our community and loved ones for support. 

“During these difficult last two years all of us have had to lean on our loved ones, family and friends for support and without them a lot of us would be in a much worse place and mindset. I hope people who watch this ballet can feel that theme in the piece.”

Read more about Cameron Catazaro here.


Choreographer: Julian Goodwin-Ferris
Music: Bela Bartok, 44 duos for two violins, Sz. 98: no. 21, New Year’s Song
J.S. Bach, Violin partita B Minor, BWV 1002: V. Sarabande
Dancers: Petra Love, Mayumi Enokibara, Ellen Grocki, Satoki Habuchi, Steven Loch
Duration: 6 minutes

Initially inspired by the book Beyond the Sand and Sea by Ty McCormick this moving new work investigates the intersection between a person’s nationality and culture and their identity. The choreographer asks “How can someone experience assimilation, if they don’t have a place to call home in the first place?”

Read more about Julian Goodwin-Ferris here.


Choreographer: Steven Loch
Music: Estudio Impromptu OP 56 Isaac Albeniz
Dancers: Nathalia Arja, Hannah Fischer, Ashley Knox, Christie Sciturro, Nina Fernandes
Duration: 5 Minutes

Having recently joined Miami City Ballet, choreographer Steven Loch wanted to create a piece that highlighted the company’s talent.

“The five ballerinas in my work all caught my eye with their technical abilities and artistry, and the blend of them all coming together as one truly embodies and represents the excellence, spirit, and energy of both Miami and Miami City Ballet.”

Read more about Steven Loch here.

NEW LOVE by Petra Love 

Choreographer: Petra Love
Music: Beethoven’s String Quartet No 4 in C Minor, op 18, No 4:IV Allegro
Dancers: Jennifer Lauren, Rui Cruz, Ethan Rodrigues, and Luiz Silva
Duration: 4 Minutes

A satirical romp purely intended to make you smile. The piece plays with the dynamics between three competitive young dancers and a ballerina at the height of her career.

Read more about Petra Love here.

Click here to read an interview with the choreographer.

SPRING VIVACE by Sean Miller

Choreographer: Sean Miller
Music: Mozarts Jupiter Symphony No 41 Allegro Vivace
Dancers: Ella Titus, Jordan Long, Taylor Naturkas
Duration: 5 Minutes

Spring Vivace is an eternal celebration and welcoming of spring.

Inspired by springtime and several different 18th and 20th  century paintings by artists like Fragonard, Nicolas Lancret, Francois Boucher ("The Love Letter”) and Alexandr Averin ("It is time for flowerings"), this lighthearted, airy and frolicsome new work paints a flowering picture that will last through all seasons.

Read more about Sean Miller here.

ACROSS THE BAY by Harrison Monaco

Choreographer: Harrison Monaco
Music: Spam Allstars
Dancers: Madison McDonough, Juliette Hay, Itzkan Barbosa, Matilda Solis, Lily Maulsby
Duration: 6 Minutes

A celebration of Miami City Ballet’s corps de ballet, this upbeat new work is set to music by Spam Allstars, a Miami institution that blends Latin funk and jazz so smoothly you’ll be inspired to move too.

“This piece really began for me with the amazing music of the Spam Allstars and watching my coworkers. The corps women are really the lifeblood of the company, especially with this season’s rep. Watching them rehearse so diligently to finally get back to our stages after the pandemic has been a true inspiration.”

Read more about Harrison Monaco here.

ROMÂNIA by Ariel Rose

Choreographer: Ariel Rose
Music: The Young Conscript and The Moon by Balanascu Quartet
Dancers: Cameron Catazaro, Samantha Hope Galler
Duration: 6 Minutes 40 Seconds

Inspired by the history of Jewish people in Romania, who experienced severe antisemitism, violence, displacement, and suffering throughout the Middle Ages.

“There is a repetitive element in history of exclusion and fear of that which is different within mankind. This has been often seen with people of varying faiths and ethnicities who have been looking for a home: a place to prosper, to grow and to settle down.  This fear, hysteria and misunderstanding often force those people to have to remain nomadic wanderers: constantly moving and looking for that one place they can remain indefinitely undisturbed. A place where they can find a small measure of peace.”

Read more about Ariel Rose here.

MEIYO NO TAME by Ariel Rose

Choreographer: ARIEL ROSE
Music: A Way of Life by Hans Zimmer
Dancers: Mayumi Enokibara, Chase Swatosh, Satoki Habuchi, Anna Grunewald
Duration: TBC

The themes of this new work touch upon the legacy of onna-bugeisha (a term referring to female warriors in pre-modern Japan) and pays tribute to Nakana Tekeko, a great women’s rights leader.

Read more about Ariel Rose here.


In Perpetuity
Choreographer: Luiz Silva
Music: Franz Schubert, String quartet No. 14 in D minor, D.810: II. Andante con moto
Dancers: Tricia Albertson and Renan Cerdeiro
Duration: 6 minutes 56 seconds

Inspired by the wonder of nature and how it beautifully coexists, choreographer Luiz Silva visualized two human beings capable of dancing in perpetuity, adding that his work is “also reflective of my journey of finding my voice as a Black male dancer in the world.” He drew inspiration from his grandmother who frequently told him, ‘Whenever you understand your blackness, that is the day you will be set free.”

A Poem by Luiz Silva

“And they coexist with no sense of time or
The rain and the river
The sky and the ocean
Water and fire
Words and a writer
Simply because there wasn’t one without
The other”

Read more about Luiz Silva here.