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Vail Video Journal – Part 3

Leigh-Ann’s experience with the Flip camera in Vail comes to an end in Part 3 of her video journal series. Here she takes you through MCB’s final days at the festival including Up Close: Edward Villella, on stage before and after a performance of “Rubies” and on the journey home.

Leigh-Ann did a terrific job documenting the Vail tour and was extremely excited about sharing it with you. Stay tuned for coverage on future tours!

Did you enjoy the video journal? What else would you like to see?

Vail Video Journal – Part 2

We hope you enjoyed the first part of Leigh-Ann’s video journal. There is so much more to see! In Part 2 you’ll follow the dancers during their time off in Vail, listen in on Damian Woetzel talking to the dancers at dinner, watch a pre-performance company class, and more.

Check back tomorrow for the third and final part of the video journal.

Dancer Video Journal: Leigh-Ann Esty at the Vail International Dance Festival

Post by Leigh-Ann Esty

Hello everyone! Leigh-Ann Esty, here. I am a member of MCB’s Corps de Ballet.

As you know, the Company recently traveled to Colorado, to participate in the Vail International Dance Festival, directed by Damian Woetzel (former New York City Ballet dancer).  It hadn’t been long since we’d gotten back from our summertime off, and before we knew it we were packed and on our way.   When I was asked by the Company to carry around a Flip camera and document our trip, you can imagine how excited I was — I’m a huge photography fan! I tried to capture all the moments I could: in the airport, on the bus, during free time, even on stage while we were warming up and about to perform! Out of this came a three-part video journal series, which gives you a sneak peek of what it’s like to be in the Company when we’re on tour. One of the best parts of this whole experience is being able to show you how normal ballet dancers really are! We are just a bunch of goofballs.

In Part 1 you’ll join us on the way to Vail and watch as we adapt to our new, and very different surroundings. You’ll see the two beautiful venues we performed at (Gerald R. Ford Ampitheater and Vilar Performing Arts Center), the dancers share their feelings about the Vail tour, and watch us backstage as we prepare for show time. Check back on Friday and Saturday for the rest of the Vail coverage .

Well, I hope you enjoy the clips! We all had a great time in Vail…minus the dramatic moments of high altitude hitting us! Thanks for viewing.

Vail or Bust!

Select members of the Company are headed to Colorado today to participate in the Vail International Dance Festival.  Making our Vail debut on August 1, we will perform George Balanchine classics Tarantella, The Four Temperaments and Serenade.  On August 2 we’ll perform “Rubies” in the Festival Highlights Spectacular.  And on August 3 is a unique discussion/demonstration called Up Close: Edward Villella, which examines his famous dance roles (including Prodigal Son, “Rubies”, Tarantella, Afternoon of a Faun, Dances at a Gathering and more).

We handed over our video camera to Corps de Ballet member, Leigh-Ann Esty, to document this exciting experience.

Why Leigh? She’s enthusiastic, in her words “a fanatic about documenting trips,” and has a passion for photography. She was even published in National Geographic Traveler, when she won their 2008 World In Focus contest with this image of the Eiffel Tower.

leigh eiffel 72

Check back next week for Leigh’s behind-the-scenes coverage of MCB at the festival.