Dancing Through Life’s Waves: A Journey with Renowned Choreographer Jamar Roberts

In the world of dance, where every step tells a story, Jamar Roberts has carved a remarkable path. Born and raised in our vibrant dance community of South Miami, Jamar embarked on a journey that would take him from local dance magnet programs to the first Resident Choreographer in the history of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. In this blog post, we dive into Jamar’s background, pivotal career moments, and the creative process behind his latest commissioned work, Sea Change.

A Dance Odyssey: From South Miami to Center Stage
Jamar traces the roots of his dance journey back to the dance magnet programs around South Miami. Formal training commenced at Mays Middle School, followed by stunts at Southwood Middle School and Coral Reef Senior High, culminating in graduation from the prestigious New World School of the Arts. Additional training at the Dance Empire of Miami expanded his horizons, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Milestones that Shaped a Career
Two pivotal moments stand out in Jamar’s illustrious career. The first came in 2001 when he joined the esteemed Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, a move that would be a stepping stone to greatness. The second milestone was in 2019, when Jamar was appointed as the first Resident Choreographer in the history of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. This accomplishment underscored not only personal success, but also a significant contribution to the dance community at large.

Jamar attributes a substantial part of his success to the guidance of mentors Angel-Fraser Logan and Peter London, emphasizing the profound impact teachers can have on shaping young artists.

Artistic Alchemy: Creating New Work
As a choreographer, Jamar approaches the process of creating new work with a nuanced perspective. Acting as a caretaker of the creative process, he poses questions that delve into the core purpose of the piece. Questions like, “what do I need from this work?” and, “how can this work be of service to the world?” build the foundation of his artistic expression. Jamar emphasizes the personal, interpersonal, and collective as integral components of the creative approach.

Sea Change: A Metaphorical Dance of Post-Covid Reflection
Jamar’s latest work, Sea Change, serves as a poignant reflection on the post-Covid world. Using water as a metaphor, the piece encapsulates the profound changes witnessed globally. Beyond the physical representation, the dance serves as an emotional journey, encapsulating the zeitgeist of the collective experience.

A Call to Awareness: What Jamar Hopes to Convey In Sea Change
Jamar seeks to evoke a sense of awareness in the audience. The dance serves as a mirror to the precarious state of the world, urging viewers to contemplate the shared challenges humanity faces. The hope is that the audience leaves with a heightened sense of consciousness about the interconnectedness of our world.

Bringing Dance Home: Excitement for South Florida Audiences
While Jamar frequently graces stages across the globe, presenting a major work in Miami holds special significance. The excitement stems from the rare opportunity for family and friends, including Jamar’s mother, to witness his artistry firsthand and show support.

Jamar’s journey from Miami to the global stage is an attribute of the fearless artistry he possesses. As he continues to create and choreograph, Jamar invites audiences to embrace the transformative power of movement and art in a world undergoing profound change.