Half of Miami City Ballet’s dancers are graduates of MCB School, including Principal dancers Jeanette Delgado, Patricia Delgado, Renan Cerdeiro and Kleber Rebello; Principal Soloist Nathalia Arja and Soloist Jovani Furlan. Other alumni have joined illustrious companies such as Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, Batsheva Dance Company, among others.

Through the MCB School Ensemble and Apprenticeships, MCBS serves as a feeder into the main Company. Sharing the same building as the Company allows students to observe first-hand the daily life of a professional dancer.

Graduates of MCBS and current MCB dancers:

Alaina Andersen, Corps de Ballet (2016)+
Luiz Silva, Corps de Ballet (2016)
Mayumi Enokibara, Corps de Ballet (2015)+
Ella Titus, Corps de Ballet (2015)
Ellen Grocki, Corps de Ballet (2014)+
Alex Manning, Corps de Ballet (2014)
Emilien Rivoire, Corps de Ballet (2014)
Raechel Sparreo, Corps de Ballet (2014)
Leanna Rinaldi, Corps de Ballet (2013)
Damian Zamorano, Corps de Ballet (2013)+
Christina Spigner, Corps de Ballet (2012)
Jovani Furlan, Soloist (2011)+
Lexie Overholt, Corps de Ballet (2011)
Adrienne Carter, Corps de Ballet (2010)
Andrei Chagas, Corps de Ballet (2010)+
Suzette Logue, Corps de Ballet (2010)
Kleber Rebello, Principal (2010)
Nathalia Arja, Principal Soloist (2009)
Renan Cerdeiro, Principal (2009)
Nicole Stalker, Corps de Ballet (2008)
Rebecca King, Corps de Ballet (2007)
Christie Sciturro, Corps de Ballet (2006)
Bradley Dunlap, Corps de Ballet (2005)
Jeanette Delgado, Principal (2003)
Ashley Knox, Corps de Ballet (2002)
Patricia Delgado, Principal (2000)

+Toby Lerner Ansin Scholarship Award recipient

The Toby Lerner Ansin Scholarship Award is given every year to one of Miami City Ballet School’s most promising dancers to help underwrite the cost of their training.

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