MCB Welcomes New Students

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, the very first day of Miami City Ballet School’s year-round program, two buses picked up 17 children from their elementary schools on the Biscayne corridor, North Miami Beach and Miami Beach to take them to their new after-school dance classes at MCB Studios. The children, ages 7-10, are part of Ballet Bus, a newly launched outreach initiative designed to provide children from Title I schools with a full scholarship for dance training.

Serving as a gateway into the arts, the nine-month, 34-week program offers students the training needed to excel at MCB School and the invaluable opportunity to engage with critically acclaimed teachers and artists. The scholarship covers tuition, dance attire, accessories and transportation.

Darleen Callaghan, MCB School Director, said, “It has always been my dream to offer scholarships, transportation and opportunity to children in our community who would not otherwise have the resources to train at a professional ballet school. To give them the chance to experience the benefits of dance training and to carry those life skills into their adult lives would truly be impactful. This is what Ballet Bus can offer these children.

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