The Road to City Center – almost there!

Post by Sara Esty, Corps de Ballet

September 24, 2010

It’s finally here! Tomorrow is our last day of rehearsals until we get to New York! We have been running through “The Golden Section” every day this week and have been adding the finishing touches to make it its best. Everyone is excited and ready…there are even a few members of the cast who have never been to NYC! Renan Cerdeiro is one such member and can barely contain himself. Even though we will only be there a short time, there is so much everyone wants to see and do. But first things first: kick butt as the closing performers in the sold out opening night shows of City Centers’ Fall for Dance festival (Sept. 28 & 29)! I will be bringing MCB’s flip camera to the Big Apple with us so stay tuned for some highly entertaining footage!