Patricia Delgado on Duo Concertant

Patricia Delgado

Patricia Delgado

When asked what ballet she was most excited about performing this season, Principal Patricia Delgado knew right away that it was George Balanchine’s Duo Concertant.

Patricia recounts, “I remember seeing the ballet when I was a student at Miami City Ballet School, and thinking, ‘I have never seen anything like this!’  The dancers simply stand and listen to the music onstage, admiring and respecting it, which sets the mood of the piece so beautifully.  It is unlike any of Balanchine’s other ballets. The spotlighting effects and stylized choreography evoke drama and love, making the piece completely mesmerizing.  Although I have been with Miami City Ballet for 12 years, I have never had the opportunity to perform the ballet, until now.  I always thought it would be a dream to dance that pas de deux, so when I saw it selected for Program II, I thought, ‘I can’t wait!’ Knowing Duo Concertant was in the programming inspired me to get me through my injury last season.”

Patricia also explained the significant role that a répétiteur — someone who teaches a ballet’s steps and

Ben Huys checking Patricia's costume before performing Duo Concertant at the Arsht Center.

Ben Huys checking Patricia’s costume before performing Duo Concertant at the Arsht Center.

interpretation of roles —  plays to the process of bringing specific works to the stage. “Répétiteurs often have personal experience working with a ballet’s original choreographer and are charged with keeping the ballets alive.  The Balanchine Foundation sent répétiteur Ben Huys to stage Duo Concertant and perfect our movement so that it reflects the original intent of “Mr. B” himself.  It’s the most rewarding process for the dancers to work with the répétiteur because we get all of the backstage stories and details of the choreography.  Then you can do the ballet justice onstage and make it your own.”

See Patricia perform in George Balanchine’s Duo Concertant as part of Program II: Tradition and Innovation, January 18-20, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

Photos: Headshot © Gio Alma. Stage shot by Rebecca King.