New Ballet Presents Movement for ‘Specific Chemistry’

For Justin Peck, Heatscape is a personal project. He made the ballet that Miami City Ballet will premiere next weekend at the Kravis Center for dancers whom he regards as more than vehicles for his choreography.
The ballet, which uses 17 dancers, showcases what he calls “an assembly of individuals.”

“I focused on who these dancers were, not only for their dancing facility, but for who they are as human beings,” he said. “A specific chemistry rises up out of those personality traits. I tried to harness that and create movement for it rather than force them into a traditional ballet hierarchy.”
Peck has come to know the dancers well while creatingHeatscape and Chutes and Ladders, a pas de deuxcommissioned in 2013 for a New World Symphony showcase in collaboration with Miami City Ballet. He revamped the duet for the company’s 2013-14 season.
Heatscape is the 27-year-old choreographer’s 22nd ballet. Set to Bohuslav Martinu’s Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra, it features a backdrop by street artist Shepard Fairey.