Meet Our New Executive Director, Tania Castroverde Moskalenko

In a Q&A with our staff, Tania discusses her return to Miami, her love of dance, and her vision for Miami City Ballet. 

Q. How does it feel to return to South Florida?
A. I am thrilled to be back home. South Florida has undergone a complete transformation since I left in 1985. The economy is attracting people and businesses from all over the world. The tri-county area is thriving and the arts and cultural amenities, that were virtually nonexistent when I was here, are flourishing. South Florida has turned into a place where people not only want to vacation, but also live, work, and play.

Q. How did you start working for performing arts nonprofits?
A. It was accidental. I was on the Advisory Board for a small performing arts center. The Executive Director happened to be departing from her position, and she said to me, “You are one of the few people I know who could do this job.” Once she planted the seed in my head, I could not let go, until eventually, I was hired for the position.

Q. You mentioned you have five children. How do you do it?
A. Raising children is not easy, whether you have one or five. It helps that my children range in ages, and frankly, at the end of the day you do what you have to do. My family is very important to me, but I am focused and I live in the moment. When I am with my children, I am with my children. Likewise, when I am at work, I focus on work.
Additionally, I don’t waste time. I don’t watch a lot of TV, and if I do, I watch the news. (I am a political news junkie!) When I read, I read books that are either inspirational, transformational, or informational. I also listen to podcasts, especially now that I’m in Miami and in traffic all the time.

Q. How and when did you start dancing?
A. I started dancing when I was 10 years old here in Miami. I had a friend who invited me to her dance recital, where she performed the Dying Swan. I was so moved by the experience, that I pestered my parents for months to sign me up for dance classes until my parents finally relented. As political refugees, we didn’t have the resources to do that kind of stuff, but my parents knew how important it was for me and they made it happen.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at Miami City Ballet?
A. I am looking forward to many things at the Ballet. However, at the top of my list is working with an exceptional group of people to fulfill our mission. We are all here to ensure Miami City Ballet plays an important artistic role nationally and internationally and remains a relevant part of the arts and cultural fabric of South Florida.