Meet our new dancers!

Sarah McCahill

Sarah McCahill

Our next new dancer comes to us straight from Miami City Ballet School! Meet corps de ballet dancer Sarah McCahill!

MCB: Where are you from?
Sarah: Harwinton, CT.
MCB: At which dance schools did you train before coming to MCB?
Sarah:  Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts, Albano Ballet and Miami City Ballet School.

MCB: Describe your perfect day.
Sarah: To win the Powerball!!!!!!!!!

MCB: Proudest moment?
Sarah: When Lourdes [Lopez] informed me I would be a part of Miami City Ballet’s Corps de Ballet for this season!

MCB: Wildest dream?
Sarah: To go skydiving with the love of my life ( haven’t met him yet…).

MCB: Indulgence?
Sarah: Tres leches cake, REAL ice cream, pancakes, cupcakes, sleeping in…I have a lot.

MCB: Inspiration?
Sarah: Happy people, Sylvie Guillem, and Svetlana Zakharova.

MCB: Name one thing you couldn’t live without.
Sarah: My rock — my little sister, Kelley.

MCB: Most unforgettable onstage moment?
Sarah: The first time I fell flat on my face performing the lead in Le Sylphide within the first five minutes of being onstage.

MCB: Dream Role?
Sarah: Black Swan, no doubt.

MCB: Why Miami City Ballet?
Sarah: When I was 13 I told my mother I was going to dance with Miami City Ballet someday (I don’t remember this but she does). She helped me to fulfill this dream by taking the first step and setting up my audition for their summer program. I guess it was fate and a lot of hard work but I finally got in!

See Sarah onstage at the Arsht Center when our 2013-2014 Season opens on October 18!