MCB Summer: Rebecca King Ties the KNOT!

RebbecaKing_HeadshotCorps de ballet dancer Rebecca King shares the special moments of her wedding day as part of our ‘MCB Summer’ series.

After 365 days of anticipation, organizing and planning, our big day had finally arrived on June 1, 2013.  After a rainy and dreary week, suddenly the sun was shining, illuminating

© Neil Cohen Photography

© Neil Cohen Photography

gorgeous Palm Beach, Florida.  That morning at 11 a.m., I married my best friend, Nicholas Ferraro. (No need to get out your programs to check — no he is not in the company and is not a dancer). We were thrilled to have our friends and family come from all across the country to join us for a wonderful celebration.  Much to the delight of the many ballet goers among the guests, our amazing Miami City Ballet friends joined us.  They arrived with their significant others dressed to the nines with the ladies showing off fabulous fascinator hats that they had coordinated for the event.  We watched our worlds collide as our family and friends came together for the very first time.  We feel so grateful to have had such a lovely wedding and a day that we will never forget.  Each person that was there made it all the more special and we cannot be more thrilled to be Mr. and Mrs. Ferraro!

Groom: Nicholas Ferraro
Officiant: Judge F. Shields McManus
Location: Brazilian Court, Palm Beach, FL
Date: June 1, 2013