Petra Love’s New Love

On Sunday, March 6, corps de ballet dancer Petra Love will debut a choreographic work entitled New Love at The Underline Brickell Backyard Sound Stage as part of MCB’s To Florida, With Love outdoor pop-up performance series. The work, featuring dancers Jennifer Lauren, Rui Cruz, Ethan Rodrigues, and Luiz Silva, is set to Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 4 in C Minor.

A lighthearted romp, Petra says she was, “most inspired by Jules Perrot’s Pas de Quatre and George Balanchine’s Apollo.” Further explaining, “It’s a piece with satirical attributes which I hope will make people smile as it examines the dynamics between three competitive young dancers and a ballerina at the height of her career.”

New Love is Petra’s first work for MCB, having previously choreographed during her training at School of American Ballet and while an apprentice at MCB.

We chatted with Petra, who gave us her views on the choreographic experience.

What is the difference between choreographer and dancer?

I would say choreographing broadens a dancer’s artistic tools to that of numerous bodies. A dancer attempts to be the best building block they can be while the choreographer acts as the architect.

What has been the biggest challenge, and what has been most rewarding?

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such talented dancers. They made the process of structuring my ideas inspired by the music such a fun experience. The most rewarding part of it has been watching them perform during run-throughs in the studio or at our venues.

The series is called To Florida, With Love; how does your home inspire your choreography? Were there certain locations/communities, people, or cultures that you had in mind when you created these works?

I’ve always viewed Miami as the home to my passion for ballet, where I have been able to express myself as a professional dancer and perform dream roles. Choreographing New Love was an additional way, other than performing, that I could give back to a community that has so generously supported this art form throughout this pandemic.

What do you hope the audience experiences when they watch your piece?

I hope the vitality of the three gentlemen and Jennifer Lauren’s grace make audience members smile.

Come smile with us at Miami’s urban oasis The Underline Brickell Soundstage (SW 8th Street and SW 1st Avenue, Miami), Sunday, March 6 at 4pm followed by a Q&A with Petra and the dancers. The event is free but advance registration is required. Register here.

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To Florida, With Love


Photo courtesy of Petra Love, featuring MCB dancers Jennifer Lauren, Ethan Rodrigues, Jordan Martinez, Benjamin Lepson in Petra Love’s new work, New Love.