As hospitals around the globe sound the alarm about the low supply of protective masks available for staff and patients, the dedicated employees of Miami City Ballet’s (MCB) costume department have stepped up to put their creativity and skills to good use. Today, they are busy making protective, functional masks for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with an added dash of joy and playfulness to lift the spirits of patients, families and staff during this most unsettling time.

MCB is actively looking to find ways in which they can give back to the community that has so generously supported them throughout the years. Understanding that protective masks are in dwindling supply, Miami City Ballet’s talented costume staff went fast to work.

MCB and Nicklaus Children’s have been collaborating on various dance medicine-related initiatives for a few months. The hospital provides Miami City Ballet School and its Community Engagement programs with nutrition, injury prevention and dance sports medicine information services. Partnering with the hospital seemed a natural fit and a way in which MCB could positively impact the community.

Eleanor Wolfe, MCB Costume Director said of the project, “It has never been lost on me that sewing is a valuable skill. That it would become a lifesaving one is humbling at least and motivating at best! I am not surprised to see that all over the country people are pulling out their sewing machines to fulfill a need industry cannot meet.”

Dr. Chad Perlyn, Pediatric Surgeon and Director of Operating Room at Nicklaus Children’s states, “There is a great expression that says, ‘dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.’ We are so touched by the outpouring of love and support from the entire staff at Miami City Ballet. Their efforts to turn their costume shop into a mask factory is a dance from the heart.  On behalf of all the staff and patients at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, we thank you MCB.”

Jay Massirman, Children’s Health Ventures Chair, Board of Directors and member of the Nicklaus Children’s Health System Board of Directors and Lisa Massirman, member of MCB Board of Directors, who were instrumental in uniting the two organizations adds, “Dance and music heal the soul. Doctors heal the body. The collaboration between Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Miami City Ballet is a natural. We are so proud to be a part of these amazing institutions.”

Although Nicklaus Children’s has been able to keep a supply of personal protective gear for its clinical teams, like many hospitals across the nation, there is a risk of running low on these resources. Nicklaus Children’s plans on using the donated masks for its patients, families and staff.

For more information and ways on how you can help support patients and staff members visit Nicklaus Children’s Hospital online here.