Jubilation Inspiration by Luiz Silva

We’re thrilled to share the world premiere of Miami City Ballet company dancer and MCB School alumni Luiz Silva’s new work Jubilation this Thu, Nov 17 at 8am as our token of gratitude to you on Give Miami Day.

Your support helps Miami City Ballet and Miami City Ballet School train the next generation of leaders and artists and realize their fullest potential as they start their artistic journey. Here’s what Luiz had to say about the inspiration for his new work:

“This work’s inspiration is the celebration and gratitude for the school at Miami City Ballet. This piece is the culmination of understanding what it means to have your life truly transformed.

Jubilation brings together 3 different movements where the sense of community is being understood by those going through the same pathway as many did before them. We move forward in different times, we sometimes dance in different tempos, we get different opportunities, and we all grow up to be the best version of ourselves. If you become a professional dancer, a teacher, a lawyer or an accountant, this moment in time and space will always be at the core of who you are and who you want to be.

This piece shows change, courage, community, joy, and the future.

I want jubilation to touch people with the simplicity of ballet and the complexity of humanity, all encapsulated in a beautiful celebratory occasion.”

Watch Jubilation on Thu, Nov 17. Premiering at 8am on Miami City Ballet’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

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