Choreographer Spotlight: Eric Trope

To Miami, With Love is a series of pop-up performances around Miami choreographed and performed by MCB company dancers. Each headlining work is site-specific, inspired by the surrounding environment and the unique cultural tapestry of the location.

On Saturday February 13, from approximately 5:30 to 7pm you can catch some of our extraordinary MCB dancers at Wynwood Walls in Wynwood, featuring headline choreography by MCB dancer Eric Trope.

Eric Trope has been a member of the corps de ballet at MCB since 2013. Eric is also a choreographer. Most recently his work was presented at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the finale of the Mainly Mozart Festival. Eric has also made work for the New York Choreographic Institute (an affiliate of the New York City Ballet) and Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami.

We spoke to Eric briefly about the inspiration for his work, the music and his career highlights.


What about your pop up location inspired you to choreograph? 

Eric: Wynwood is such a special part of Miami; a mecca of art and culture bringing together tourists and natives. I love that each mural has its own unique story and style creating a dynamic space to present dance.

Tell us about the music your work is set to.

Eric: I was listening to Public Radio and heard a beautiful brass quintet. After some digging, I found the work was by a young female composer named Rene Orth and performed by Seraph Brass, an all-female brass ensemble. We connected (the power of the internet!) and she was thrilled to let me use her work. I found an interesting dichotomy between the masculine energy so often associated with brass works and the sensitivity of this composition and its players.

Listen to the music here.

How would you describe your choreographic style?

Eric: I am constantly exploring how to expose ballet’s more humanistic elements while honoring its rich tradition. This in-between space is where I like to think my “choreographic style” exists. I often have an idea or a theme I’m looking to explore and then I will try to find a piece of music that can assist me in that endeavor.

Is this your first time choreographing a new work?

Eric: I’ve been lucky enough to choreograph throughout my professional dance career. This will be my 11th new work.

How has creating and staging a new work with social distancing limitations in the middle of a pandemic influenced your creative process?

Eric: The challenges of choreographing in the pandemic has also brought its own silver-linings. Rehearsing outdoors in sneakers has allowed me to explore new movement, and using smaller groups before the whole cast comes together has allowed for an intimate working environment.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Eric: As a choreographer, presenting my work on my fellow coworkers at the Adrienne Arsht Center was a truly special experience. As a dancer, performing Riff in Robbin’s West Side Story Suite was the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. Knife fights and singing- it was a blast.


See Eric’s new work on Saturday, February 13 between 5:30pm and 7pm at Wynwood Walls. Advanced tickets are required for entry and may be purchased here.  

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To Miami, With Love


Fire and Gold
Choreography by Eric Trope
Danced by Alaina Andersen, Ashley Knox, Nicole Stalker, Renan Cerdeiro, Shimon Ito and Alexander Peters
Music by Rene Orth*

*Leagured in Fire, Lagooned in Gold.

Photo credit: MCB dancer and pop-up choreographer Eric Trope. Photo by Rosalie O’Conner.