Considering Choreography?

Could an intensive’s repertoire offerings be the key to your summer growth?

Ballet students live for “aha” moments, those little revelations that change the way you dance. And surprisingly often, those moments come outside of technique class, when you’re pushing yourself in a new direction with a challenging piece of repertoire.

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“Why I Dance” – by Patricia Delgado

Principal dancer Patricia Delgado shares what keeps her passionate about dance.

Lying in the bathtub one night after back-to back matinee and evening performances, I remember asking myself if I was cut out for this. It was one of my first programs with Miami City Ballet, performing Balanchine’s Concerto Barocco, Scotch Symphony and Who Cares? I was completely overwhelmed. Muscles I didn’t realize existed were in pain. My mind didn’t know how to handle the pressure: I’d been scared out on stage, which had never happened to me before. The challenges of a ballet career felt impossible.

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In a Preview of Justin Peck’s Heatscape, Miami City Ballet Takes to the Streets

It was while exploring Miami’s vibrant Wynwood Walls that choreographer Justin Peck found inspiration for his new piece, Heatscape, which premieres at Miami City Ballet in March. Judging from this preview, you couldn’t call it a fever dream—the movements are too precise, the music too jaunty—but the colors whir all the same, mirroring the murals by Shepard Fairey and others that first caught Peck’s eye. “He works with these mandala images that start from the center and build outward,” Peck says, “and that way of working interests me choreographically.”

That murals signify community-mindedness was not lost on Peck, who seeks to break down walls when it comes to ballet’s reputation as elitist and inaccessible. Fittingly, dancers wear bright basics (their own) and take synchronized leaps in an elevated echo of Gap’s West Side Story ads from 2000. Codirector Ezra Hurwitz says they drew quite a crowd while filming, which might have bolstered the performers as much as the art. “In post-production, we had to color-correct every image, because the dancers would be purple from the light cast off the walls,” Hurwitz says. “Everything affects everything.”

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Why We Love December in Miami

Between miracles happening on 34th Street and Bing Crosby dreaming of a white Christmas, movies have distorted the world’s view of winter. But picture this scene for a second: a leading man driving across the Julia Tuttle Causeway with the top down, sweat dripping off his brow as he braves the 80-degree weather (well, to be totally accurate, Miami hit a high of 78 on Christmas Day 2013), and heading into the bright blue yonder beyond the white sands of South Beach. Now that’s an Oscar worthy December. Sure, you won’t be dashing through the snow or walking in a winter wonderland, but in Miami you can throw on a pair of flip-flops, sip a martini at the Raleigh pool, and be laughing all the way, while your blizzard-ridden relatives up north realize winter isn’t as glamorous as in the movies.

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Miami City Ballet Spreads its Artistic Wings

For years, Miami City Ballet has rivaled other industry leaders when it comes to performing works of neoclassical ballet. The troupe’s presentation of Balanchine’s repertoire, for example, is exceptional, with militaristic precision and intrinsic musicality that could be the envy of any ballet company in the world.

The same levels of consistency, quality and predictability have not been evident when the company has presented dramatic, evening-length story ballets in the past. This season’s delivery of John Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet, one of the most iconic and beloved dance versions of Shakespeare’s tragic play, demonstrates how much Miami City Ballet is sinking its teeth into these types of works and spreading its artistic wings. In the company’s opening-night performance Friday at the Kravis Center, it was notable how much the artists have grown into this ballet since its premiere several years ago, particularly in stage acting.

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Girl-Meets-Boy on MCB’s Big Stage

Nathalia Arja and Renan Cerdeiro have been doing this kind of thing since they were kids. Before that, even. Because they’ve really never been apart.

Twenty-two years ago, their mothers were friends and pregnant at the same time. The moms joked about how their children would dance together one day. It served as a prediction.

Now, Nathalia and Renan are among the top dancers at the Miami City Ballet.

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Curtain Up: Miami City Ballet

For the 2014-15 season in Palm Beach, Miami City Ballet is reinventing classics and presenting a world premiere. It begins with the romantic “Program I: Romeo and Juliet” (November 21-23), with John Cranko choreography set to a Sergei Prokofiev score.

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‘Romeo y Julieta’, el regreso de un favorito

El Miami City Ballet bajo la dirección artística de Lourdes López, regresó el fin de semana pasado al escenario del Ziff Opera House del Adrienne Arsht Center de Miami para ofrecer su monumental Romeo y Julieta como el primer programa de la temporada 2014-2015.

La historia de William Shakespeare sobre Romeo y Julieta ha sido adaptada al ballet desde principios del siglo XIX y las numerosas producciones concebidas durante la segunda mitad del XX lo convirtieron en el ballet clásico de larga duración emblemático del siglo.

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Amor y muerte de ‘Romeo y Julieta’ en el MCB

Una historia clásica de amor, la tragedia de Romeo y Julieta, de William Shakespeare, sobre dos jóvenes de familias enemigas que sin percatarse de esto se enamoran perdidamente, se escenificará como ballet en dos actos por el Miami City Ballet, para dar inicio a su nueva temporada este fin de semana en el Ziff Ballet Opera House del Adrienne Arsht Center.

La pieza que bailará el MCB es la del coreógrafo John Cranko, quien la creó con la música de Sergei Prokofiev para el Stuttgart Ballet, y se estrenó en 1962. “Hay varios Romeo y Julieta, por supuesto, pero este es uno de los más famosos”, dijo Lourdes López, directora artística del MCB. Ella ha hecho hincapié en que es muy importante escenificar piezas completas en las que los bailarines tienen que usar talentos diferentes, no solo la técnica del baile, sino la de la pantomima. Además, comentó, “es una música tan suntuosa, de tanta emoción y tan lírica, que de verdad se siente en el alma”.

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MCB named Best Theater Company in Sun-Sentinel Readers Poll

Congratulations to all the winners of the Sun-Sentinel’s Best of South Florida reader’s poll!

This year, Miami City Ballet topped the list for “Best Theatre Company”.

If they only danced as flawlessly as they do, then the Miami City Ballet (MCB) would be a hot ticket. But the company does that and more.  Much more.

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