//  08.28.12

Dear Parents and Students of Miami City Ballet School,

It is with the greatest honor and pleasure that I assume the position of Interim Director of the Miami City Ballet School while we search for a permanent School Director to replace Ms. Villella. I thank the Board of Governors, Linda Villella, faculty, staff, parents and students for your wonderful support and I promise to do all that is necessary to ensure a successful, healthy and happy transition. 

For those students who are presently enrolled, or have already auditioned and been accepted, I will see you at the start of the term. For those planning to attend the open audition for the School’s Winter Program on Wednesday, August 29, I will personally oversee these auditions, and with the help of Carter Alexander and Roberto Rodriguez will place all students chosen in the appropriate levels. This will be a perfect occasion for me to meet you before the beginning of the Fall Term.

Below is a link that will give you information on the audition should you need it.
Miami City Ballet School Open Auditions

As I look to the immediate future, my plans are to spend time observing all classes and immersing myself in the School and its community. You will also find me teaching in the coming months! Additionally, early on in the semester, you will be receiving emails from me to schedule meetings with parents and students. These gatherings will be an ideal way to get to know you on a personal level and to express any apprehension and concerns you might have – you will find I am very “user friendly”. I welcome your thoughts and ideas that will help ensure the continued success of the School and the health and happiness of our students.

What an extraordinary opportunity we have to work together to guarantee the School’s success and the important role it plays within Miami City Ballet, and the South Florida community.

I am looking forward to expanding these relationships as I take the helm as Miami City Ballet’s Artistic Director starting May 2013. I want to personally thank Mr. Villella without whom there would be no School and no Miami City Ballet.

Thank you for being part of this new and exciting journey for all of us.

Lourdes Lopez