Girl Talk

Sara Esty, Amanda Weingarten, Callie Manning, Nicole Stalker and Kristin D’Addario gather around the piano to chat about dancing the “five girls” section of Who Cares?.

Don’t miss these “girlfriends” and the rest of Miami City Ballet in the season closer at Adrienne Arsht Center this weekend and at Kravis Center on April 16-18. Click here for more information.

Awaiting Open Barre

Leigh-Ann Esty got her hands on the Flip camera once again and headed straight into the studios for some thoughts on Open Barre. What are you looking forward to seeing during Open Barre 2?

Friday and Saturday nights are sold out, but you can still attend the Saturday afternoon performance at 2 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Love Series – Leigh-Ann and Bradley

Leigh and Brad, sitting in a tree! In our second installment of the Love Series, Leigh-Ann Esty and Bradley Dunlap, both corps de ballet members, talk about life outside of the Company and play our question game. Will they get them all right?

Cupid’s aim was on the money when he hit Kristin D’Addario, corps de ballet member, and Peter Doll, former MCB dancer and current Assistant Stage Manager. They are another young, fun couple who met and fell in love at Miami City Ballet.

Kristin D’Addario: Back in the Theater

Post by Kristin D’Addario

There is something special about being in the theater for a dancer. The energy changes throughout the company when we’re there. The moment you set up your spot in the dressing room, there’s almost a sigh of relief…”We’re finally here.” I feel like I’ve just arrived at home. Well, that’s probably because I bring my whole life to the theater! I pack up like I’m going away for the weekend bringing snacks, tea, a coffee mug, a towel, a good book or two, a candle (I’d bring incense if I could, but that might just bother the other girls!), and of course all of my makeup, hair supplies, and shoes. Needless to say, the morning we actually arrived at the Arsht Center, I realized how long it took me to get ready and was almost late! I forgot how much it entails to prepare and I’ll have to break myself into performance season again.

Our weekend of shows at the Arsht Center marked the beginning of the season for me. Even though we’ve been working and rehearsing for two months, I feel like we’ve officially started now. This is what we’ve been working for after all. Being onstage is a completely different feeling. Even in class I feel like a different person. The seats may be empty, but I still feel like I’m performing. There are no mirrors in front of me to dissect every little detail visually. Onstage, I have no choice but to feel everything. I have to approach class differently than I would in the studio. Everyday feels like a fresh start because even though I may look the same, my body feels completely different from one day to the next and I have no mirror telling me that I have the same arabesque I did yesterday. I love it because it’s a clean slate. Every class, every rehearsal, and of course every show.

The shows were awesome that weekend. Everyone looked beautiful and genuinely happy to be performing again. I particularly enjoyed watching Company B come together. MCB has done Company B before, but I wasn’t here for it and seeing the piece as a whole in the theater was definitely exciting. It’s great in rehearsal, but with the white marly, the lights, and of course costumes and makeup, it added a whole other element! Seeing the first cast perform it put a huge smile on my face and I couldn’t wait to do it myself the next day. I had the privilege of dancing this Paul Taylor work on Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to perform it again when we go to Broward this weekend.

After a nice weekend off, I am ready for another weekend in the theater. The Broward Center holds a special place in my heart because I’ve had a few firsts in this theater. Broward is the place that I’ve performed some of my favorite parts for the first time, including Rubies, In the Upper Room, and Dew Drop in The Nutcracker. I’ve always called Broward Center “my theater” so I’m looking forward to being back and also visiting my favorite sushi place across the street.

See Kristin perform at “her theater” – Broward Center – this weekend November 6-8. The Company will perform Allegro Brillante, Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux, Company B and Symphony in Three Movements. Click here to get your tickets.

Kristin D'Addario
Photo by MCB Dancer Leigh-Ann Esty