ITS A WRAP! Jennifer Lauren Shoots Final Program of 2012-13 Season

Soloist Jennifer Lauren will bid farewell on Instagram as we say good-bye to the 2012-2013 Season during Program IV: Broadway and Ballet at the Adrienne Arsht Center May 3-5. She will be catching the best of Broadway, Ballet and Baseball….what? Yes, Baseball! When MLB All-Star Mike Piazza makes his debut as the Gangster in George Balanchine’s Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Jennifer will be snapping shots of all of the backstage action! Don’t miss out on the fun. Follow her at #JenLaurenMCBPhotos.

Jennifer Lauren

Jennifer Lauren

For our final program of the season, Jennifer will be performing the “blue girl” in Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering. We asked her why she enjoys this role so much and here is what she had to say:

I enjoy being in “Dances” because it feels like you are dancing with your family.  I always tell Jeanette and Patricia that its fun to be their other sister for an hour.

Jennifer Lauren performs Dances at a Gathering with Jeanette (left) and Patricia (center) Delgado.

Join Jennifer and the rest of MCB’s amazing dancers for our final program of the season this weekend at the Arsht Center.

Renato Penteado talks ‘Dances at a Gathering’

At the beginning of our 2012-2013 season, we asked principal dancer Renato Penteado what ballet he was most looking forward to performing. Now, as we rapidly approach the end of the season, Renato will finally get to perform the ballet that he has been waiting all year to dance — Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering. Read on to find out why this ballet has kept Renato anxiously waiting!

Renato Penteado

Dances at a Gathering is a challenge for me personally because I am a high energy dancer. The movements in this ballet require a softness that is difficult to master. As dancers, when we perform for an audience we always want to do more and push ourselves to the full extent. Yet, Robbins would always say that less is more and this ballet, in particular, conveys that sense. There are so many details in Dances at a Gathering that require extra rehearsal time and hard work to accurately portray the choreography. I look forward to perfecting the ballet’s subtleties as one of my career accomplishments.

-Renato Penteado

Renato Penteado and guest artist Katia Carranza in Dances at a Gathering.

See Renato perform Dances at a Gathering LIVE as part of Program IV: Broadway and Ballet!

Broward Center: April 26-27
Adrienne Arsht Center: May 3-5

Photos: Headshot © Gio Alma. Performance shot © Alexandre Dufaur.