Alexei Ratmansky Returns

Following the one-night-only world premiere of Alexei Ratmansky’s commission in March 2012, Symphonic Dances now enters our repertory in Program III. We talked to Alexei about his dramatic, face-paced work when he was here earlier this year creating the piece. Now he’s back to continue working with the Company on Symphonic Dances.

Patricia Delgado Gets Behind The Instagram Lens

Principal dancer Patricia Delgado takes over our Instagram feed this week! The Company does not perform this weekend, but there is no rest for the weary. Alexei Ratmansky is back in town working on Symphonic Dances! Patricia will give us the inside scoop through the magic of images!

© Gio Alma

Fun fact about Patricia: she loves to bake! It’s not uncommon to see treats in the dancers’ lounge with a sweet note from Patricia.

Kiwi coconut muffins made by Patricia on her day off.

First Images of Program I: Fire and Ice

Program I: Fire and Ice opened last weekend at Adrienne Arsht Center before heading to Broward Center THIS WEEKEND! Check out these exquisite photos of opening night by company photographer Daniel Azoulay.

Program I will also be performed at Kravis Center on November 30 – December 2.

No Place Like Home

Post by Michael Sean Breeden, Corps de Ballet

When I joined Miami City Ballet in 2006, I was overwhelmed by the embarrassment of artistic riches before me. I was trained at the School of American Ballet, where my fellow students and I would obsessively watch videos of Farrell, McBride, Martins and Villella, longing to be a part of that era. I didn’t know until I came to this company that the vibrancy, musicality and beauty of those dancers and the wonderful ballets was still so vividly alive. MCB was dancing the most sophisticated repertoire with the utmost respect to the wishes of the choreographers whilst imbuing it with their own sense of daring, rhythm and joy.

Making the decision to leave all this to work for another company last season was one of the most difficult I have ever made. After just a brief time away, however, I found making the decision to come back to be one of the easiest I have ever made.

Being away from Miami City Ballet gave me fresh perspective and appreciation for everything we do in this company. I realized that the qualities I thought to be great in this company are also unique to it. There are some things that no audience member will ever really know; our willingness to help and cooperate with one another to achieve the best artistic product, the comradery among the dancers, the extra care and time we spend learning the history of the ballets, seeking extra information that might enhance our performance. But there are the many, many things which our audience is privy to every evening MCB takes the stage; the richness and quality of movement, the speed and musicality, the detail and nuance that each performer in our company brings to their roles.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be brought back to MCB as a guest in the pas de trois of Ballet Imperial. The experience of performing the ballet was wonderful in all the ways that performing a great ballet with your closest friends promises to be, but it was watching the ballet from the front on my show off that was the more revealing experience.

I could have picked out any one of the 24-strong corps de ballet to watch for the duration of the ballet and it would have been wholly satisfying. Yet, watching them all together, immersing themselves in Tchaikovsky’s beautiful music and Balanchine’s pristine and elegant steps, took me to a place I have never experienced in live theater. Leading the charge was Jeanette Delgado, in her debut in the role, energizing the corps de ballet and setting fire to the famously virtuosic and tricky steps. Famed dance critic Arlene Croce was also in the audience and she told me that, having seen many of the ballet’s performances in its more than 60 year history, she thought this to be the definitive performance of its entire existence.

After all those years wishing I could have been dancing in an era long gone, it was watching this performance that I finally gave in. The only time I want to be dancing in is the present, with this company, alongside my wonderful friends and peers.

There is a wonderful season ahead of us that I can’t wait for our audience to see. Les Patineurs challenges its dancers with stamina-pushing classicism, Piazzolla Caldera promises to showcase the individuality and versatility of our company and Apollo is classic Balanchine that MCB can pull off like no other company. Having now witnessed their magic for myself, I’m so grateful to be back dancing with these incredible artists. I know that the transcendent experience I had watching Ballet Imperial is a gift the company will be giving again and again throughout this year.

Dances at a Gathering. Photo © Leigh-Ann Esty.

Program I: Fire and Ice will be performed at Broward Center on October 26-28, and on November 30 – December 2 at Kravis Center. Click here for more information.

Anne-Camille Hersh Takes Over Instagram

The Company is back from a well deserved free day after a spectacular opening weekend at Adrienne Arsht Center!
This week, company manager Anne-Camille Hersh takes over our Instagram feed!  Her images will be from a perspective we rarely get to see — we’re excited for what’s to come!

Anne-Camille on her wedding day!

Fun fact about Anne-Camille: she comes from a circus family! Anne-Camille’s great-uncle founded a circus school in the 80′s. Her cousin became a juggler in that school and started his own circus! Anne-Camille worked with her cousin and his siblings, who are the set designer and manager, while she lived in France (where she grew up)! That was her start in arts management – lucky for us, she ran away with the ballet instead of the circus!

Patrick Corbin is back for Piazzolla Caldera

Patrick Corbin from the Paul Taylor Dance Company is part of the MCB family. He’s visited us many times to work on Taylor pieces such as Funny Papers, Company B, Promethean Fire, and now Piazzolla Caldera. We chatted with this very charismatic repetiteur about the sizzling, tango-flavored piece!

Program I: Fire and Ice will be presented at Adrienne Arsht Center on October 19-21, on October 26-28 at Broward Center, and at Kravis Center on November 30-December 2.

Project Pointe

Principal dancer Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg has certainly kept busy during her pregnancy.  Not only is she a soon-to-be-mom, but she is also staying active, taking ballet classes and raising money for Miami City Ballet’s Toe Shoe Fund.  With the help of Haute Couture fashion designer Ozcar G. and friends, she created the fashionable cause and opening night event Project Pointe.  The chic affair will raise money through a silent auction, which features exclusive, one-of-a-kind items including an original Ozcar G. Couture evening gown, hand decorated and embellished pointe shoes by Ozcar G., himself, original art work and photography, and jewelry.

All proceeds will support the Toe Shoe Fund and help Jennifer achieve her goal.

© YOBE Photography

“Pointe shoes are singularly the most significant tool that dancers rely on to perform at our best.  They are deceivingly fragile and no two pairs are exactly the same.  Miami City Ballet’s Toe Shoe Fund initiative raises critical funds to ensure that our dancers are equipped with a shoe supply abundant enough to match the ever increasing demands of our rehearsal and performance schedules.  Since we each wear our pointe shoes out differently, pointe shoes inevitably become a part of a dancer’s unique “footprint.” Every “dead” pair has served a ballerina in its own special way, and has helped to create countless inspiring moments.  There is no better way to make a ballerina smile than to give her a brand new pair of shoes — crafted to her own specifications, helping to keep her feet protected, supported and injury free. Please help to keep us smiling and on our toes!  Your support of MCB’s Toe Shoe Fund is personally appreciated by each and every one of us.”

Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg
Principal Dancer

Project Pointe takes place at Adrienne Arsht Center’s Peacock Rehearsal Studio on Friday, October 19, 2012 — opening night of the 2012-2013 Season.  Those who place bids will be invited back to the Peacock Rehearsal Studio for a VIP cocktail and dessert reception after the performance, to make their final bids and claim their prizes. Click here to see the auction items.

Random Act of Culture at Wynwood Art Walk

This past Saturday, Art Walk goers were minding their business at popular spot, the Wynwood Walls. No one expected a ballet dancer in street clothes to strike a pose right smack in the middle of the crowd as the DJ changed her tune to tango! That dancer was principal Jeanette Delgado, who was soon joined by a group of MCB dancers that trickled into the choreography as the surprise performance mesmerized the spectators. And just like that, Art Walk was flash mobbed by Miami City Ballet!

The dancers gave the amazed crowd a little taste of Paul Taylor’s sizzling Piazzolla Caldera, which is featured in Program I: Fire and Ice, opening the 2012-2013 Season this weekend at Adrienne Arsht Center. The flash mob was part of the Knight Foundation’s Random Acts of Culture. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the Wynwood Walls during Art Walk at the right time, check out this video to see what you missed.

Program I: Fire and Ice opens this weekend at Adrienne Arsht Center (October 19-21), October 26-28 at Broward Center, and at Kravis Center on November 30-December 2. For more information click here.

Emily Bromberg Guests on Instagram

This week we open our 2012-2013 Season at Adrienne Arsht Center, and corps dancer Emily Bromberg will bring us the pre-opening action on Instagram!
Don’t miss out on all the great moments leading up to Program I: Fire and Ice!

© Gio Alma

Fun fact about Emily: she earned a psychology degree in just four years…
while dancing professionally!
Talk about dedication!

Zoe Zien Takes Over Instagram

It’s Zoe Zien’s turn to take over Instagram this week! Our guest photographers have captured some amazing shots and we can’t wait for Zoe to keep the fun going!

© Gio Alma

Fun fact about Zoe: she was our special correspondent during the Paris tour!  Zoe did a fantastic job of keeping everyone back home up to speed on all the Parisian happenings! To reminisce through Zoe’s spectacular coverage, click here, here, here, here, and here!