Sara Esty Takes Over Instagram

Soloist Sara Esty takes over Instagram this week!
Sara is no stranger to MCB Blog and has live tweeted for us during opening nights — so you are in for a treat!

© Gio Alma

Fun fact about Sara: she is very active on social media!
Sara is a fantastic follow on Twitter and, in our opinion, an Instagramer extraordinaire! Follow Sara on Twitter @estygrl.

Lexie Overholt Guests on Instagram

It’s corps dancer Lexie Overholt’s turn to jump on the Instagram bandwagon!
Lexie got a head start and posted a couple photos this weekend.
You can see all of our Instagram photos by clicking here even if you don’t have the app!

© Daniel Azoulay

Fun fact about Lexie: even though this is her first year as a corps de ballet member,
Lexie has danced with MCB in the past!
We chatted with her while she was training at MCB School about her experience dancing with the Company. Click here to watch.

Jovani Furlan Takes Over Instagram

After four fun weeks of dancer photos on Instagram, corps dancer Jovani Furlan takes over to represent the men!
Follow us on Instagram for a glance at MCB life from his point of view.

© Daniel Azoulay

Fun fact about Jovani: when he was younger, he wasn’t the biggest fan of school,
so he decided to join a different kind of school — ballet school!
Ballet provided some variety for Jovani and soon he learned to enjoy both!