Welcome Maya!

Please join us in welcoming Maya Collins to MCB!

Maya, a San Francisco native who has trained at City Ballet School and School of American Ballet, has joined the corps de ballet. She has most recently danced with New York City Ballet.

Look for Maya onstage!

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5 Responses

  1. Georgiana Pickett says:

    What a fantastic addition to the company!  Maya will shine in the company.  Can't wait to see her on stage!

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  3. Brian says:

    Congratulations Maya!  San Francisco, New York and now Miami.  What a fantastic resume.  Looking forward to seeing you onstage.

  4. She really have the looks. I am sure she will be like a beautiful swan! Looking forward to see you perform! 


  5. Angel says:

    GREAT Ballerina! I saw Maya performing and she is like a swan! :) Hope I can dance like her! http://www.theaustonian.com/

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