Katia Carranza – The Best of Both Worlds

Katia Carranza, former principal dancer, is back as a guest artist! She splits her time between Ballet de Monterrey (where her husband, former MCB Principal Luis Serrano, is Artistic Director) and Miami City Ballet. You might have seen her heating up the stage during The Neighborhood Ballroom; now, she’s going to perform Dances at a Gathering and Who Cares?. We sat down with her for a chat on what it’s like to dance in two companies and her history with MCB.

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  1. freedom says:

    I just love Katia Carranza. I miss her when she is not there or when she is not cast.
    I am from Philadelphia and only get to see MCB occasionally.
    I love your company. The dancers are so audience friendly and good technicians as well.
    Wish I could see you all more.

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