Alex Wong Promoted to Principal Soloist

Alex Wong chats with us about his promotion to Principal Soloist (he joined MCB as a member of the Corps in 2005), as well as what he’s looking forward to during the 09-10 Season.  Check out his video interview.

Have you seen Alex dance on stage with Miami City Ballet? What was your favorite performance?

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  1. Michele Williams says:

    I saw Alex dance in the 2009 Nutcracker and was ASTOUNDED, and I am now THRILLED to be watching him on SYTYCD!!!!
    GO ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Heathermullins17 says:

    Alex is amazing!!! I am a true fan:)

  3. cf says:

    It's really sad that he is injured… oh i wish him get well soon

  4. Krystina Wendelken says:

    I really am moved by Alex,he has inspired me in a way i cant even explane,he is truly amazing and the passion he shows for ballet is like no other.

  5. Janet says:

    A real dancer with true passion. The first time in my life, I have started feeling love for ballet because of Alex! Go Alex go! Im 100% sure that great things are waiting for you !

  6. Dromaderry says:

    I hope you have a quick recovery, Alex!

  7. Jia Zavalin says:

    He fully deserved the promotion!!

  8. Mary says:

    If Alex didn't get injured I think he would have won the best dancer this year.
    He was so amazing.

  9. Uhope13 says:

    i have his signature from nutcracker! i danced along side of him as a party scene girl! :) such a small world.

  10. Jerrytravis69 says:

    Wish he would come dance here in the Bay Area. He's incredible.

  11. Jerrytravis69 says:

    Wish he would come dance here in the Bay Area. He's incredible.

  12. Web design says:

    Alex wong is an amazing dancer, he is so talented, and I'm very happy for him

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